The ‘Home Coming’

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

The sudden ringing of my cell phone in a room filled with silence sounded like the honking of a train in a tunnel. A sudden rush of adrenalin made my heart beat faster . It was a reminder.

“Keep the bus ticket and phone charger”, the light blue screen of the phone flashed.

I searched for the bus ticket  and found it safely placed in the drawer. The important things kept in a safe place are hard to find as you always tend to forget that safe place only!  

“Bangalore to Bagalkot at 8.30 PM”, I re-read it again and again especially the destination name. I looked at the watch, ”Oh still 5 more hours to go”. When it comes to going back home the running time seems like a tired jogger and you feel minutes turning into hours but once you reach there the vice versa happens. The essence of being at home, savouring home food, walking on the dirt roads where you used to play gully cricket etc are all felt when you live miles away from it. The very thought of going back home brings a smile on your face. After reading the ticket again I placed it in my bag and finished packing.

I walked to the hostel mess, grabbed myself a cup of hot tea and stood outside. The cool breeze, the drizzling rains of November in Bangalore with the warm tea slowly finding its way down my throat, the sound of airplanes above you which makes you think of your home and the euphoria of going back made it a perfect evening. I return back to my room after savouring the tea. The watch tells me there’s still four and half hours more.

“Oh hell, time’s really moving very slow”, I mutter to myself. I switch on my laptop and watch some random videos. After about half an hour I freshen up and get ready. After some formalities in the hostel office I finally leave the campus with a smile on my face, happiness in me, the reasons for which were obvious.

I boarded a crowded bus to the bus stand. There is a mixed feeling about Friday evenings among the people. Some think it as  “Thank God it’s Friday”  while some as “Oh god it’s Friday” . The latter expression is solely for the traffic. The traffic on Friday evenings is like ants crawling in a line. The excitement of a weekend makes someone go against the road rules which will eventually lead to deadlock. Keeping this in mind I had left three hours early. Call it fortune or misfortune there was not much traffic because of which I reached the bus stand two hours early. Fortunately, I found a person with the same smile as mine and in the same condition. The chat with him killed the time.

Soon after I saw some hundreds of smiling faces with their bags, some with their spouses and kids, some with their friends, everyone waiting for the buses. I realised that the ‘Home Coming’ feeling is same in everyone and every Tom, Dick and Harry has that characteristic smile on his face while boarding a bus back to his home. The major population of the Bangalore is because of non-bangaloreans who live here. Have a look at the Bangalore central bus stand on the weekend before any festival and you will see thousands of people eagerly waiting to release themselves from the metropolitan life of Bangalore and run to their house.

The bus finally left and I could see the tall buildings through the watery windows. I heard the man behind me speaking to his wife. “Ah finally the bus left. By the time it’s morning we will be home”. I could feel that calmness in his voice, that smile, that happiness in him which I had. I felt blissful, my eyelashes slowly embraced and I thought to myself, “ Home, Am coming”.

  1. geeta says:

    very well written sanjay… ur joy was almost palpable. keep writing 🙂

  2. Sandeep says:

    Keep going.. Well done..

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