compare(x, x-4);

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

The title sounds weird. The so called engineers would be thinking, Ah, I know this, it’s a function. The non-technical community, don’t be disheartened. Actually to be frank, the title has nothing to do with those definitions of C language functions. It’s just to show off that I have studied something in my under graduation.

Funny, how life changes. 4 years back it was completely a different situation. Then, whenever I used to come out of an exam hall I used to count how many marks I would be losing on. Now it has taken a 180 degree turn. I come out of the exam hall scratching my head, looking at the question paper with a completely clueless expression, start searching nook and corner of the paper for marks which I may probably get. Soon the careless expression turns into a careless laughter. I don’t give a damn. I don’t know when and how this careless attitude enchanted me, but this is observed in everyone around me. When I look around me after I come from exam hall, I see many such laughing faces and these are certainly not the satisfied smiles. I happened to see a comic on net sometime back. It was very funny and equally true. It said, when a guy used to get up and go early during exams in my school days, everyone would be thinking, oh, this guy knows everything. Now when someone gets up and goes early, people will think, ah, this fool doesn’t know anything like me!

Change is the essence of life, a great soul has said. But this is certainly not the change he was referring to. It’s not only during exams, but also in the regular class hours also there’s a completely different situation. I used to carry a separate book for each subject in my Class 11 and 12 and even sometimes used to carry a text book to read during free time. Now I grab one book which is used to hide the novel am carrying to class! I keep the novel between the pages of that notebook and read it during the lecture hours (hope none of my teachers are reading my blog!). I always used to carry two pens to normal classes in my school days, in case one drains. Now relationship with pens blossom the day before exam and end immediately after exams.

Those days, I used to study a week before exams and solve previous year question papers the day before. Now am writing a blog when I have my exams tomorrow.

When I started writing this blog, the only thing I felt proud about was the title as this is the only thing I have learnt in my whole engineering life. As I look back I feel tensed and also surprised because I cannot recollect anything that I have learnt in my engineering life. Just for my satisfaction and a bit of “showing off”, I kept this title!

Indeed, change is the only constant. Regularly it’s changing. At X-4, I was dreaming how life would be at X and now I dream about X+4. But somehow you always know in a corner of your mind that life at X-4 only was better. 


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